Inside Mura

Luxury Creamy Botanical Soap for Hair

This is the most  challenging and rewarding of our soap collection.
We love to make  solid shampoo, it leaves the hair so healthy, silky and beautiful. We noticed how many people have hair and scalp problems and we are very determined to give them “a soap of help”! They must have only patience and  understand that what was damaged over a long time, needs time to be repaired.
We studied  many active ingredients  for hair from different countries.  Indian women’s hair fascinated us and inspired us for a large range of soaps with Indian powders. China has a miraculous root powder!  We found extraordinary herbs in our garden, too. Dozens of hand-selected , gently, powerful herbs are combined in formulas  perfected over the years to help normal, oily or dry hair achieve its own natural balance.The  essential oils  are well chosen, in synergy with the other ingredients for  healthy and vigorous hair!